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Our Services


Regular Preventative Maintenance Scans

Our most popular service. Typically at annual intervals, but modulated as site failure rates warrant.


Reactive Troubleshooting Scans

Expedite and support warranty claims, assess extreme weather damage, and investigate under performing assets. We often partner with on-the-ground independent engineers.


Commissioning or Asset Transfer Service

Full DC health check, establishing a baseline site evaluation.


Portfolio Analysis and Reporting

Our data is analyzed for significant trends across a portfolio to inform our clients’ investment and operating decisions, affording efficient prioritization and planning of maintenance and remediation actions.


Advanced Analytics

Analysis of our data correlated with other information (inverter performance, IV scans, module serial numbers, etc.) to contextualize and correlate our clients’ issues.

Client Benefits




Optimize System Performance
We find an average of 1.2% capacity loss for our clients due to string and module faults which are not being found by current O&M practices.



Proactively Mitigate Risks
Our services provide 100% module-level site coverage to ensure that module and O&M quality can be assessed on a regular basis. Our tools allow for evaluation of critical risk factors on a regular basis, so systemic, latent failure modes can be diagnosed and addressed in their infancy.


Track DC Performance
We provide fault reporting for every module in your portfolio, obtained in a consistent, scalable, and cost-effective way over a project lifetime. Key performance metrics can be compared against industry averages.



Decrease O&M Costs
Our services replace expensive manual inspection techniques (IV curves, current clamps, etc.) to decrease preventative O&M costs by over 10%. We streamline corrective O&M actions by providing an accurate listing of faults mapped out across a site.



Increase Site Safety
The use of our services reduces the number of high voltage combiner boxes that technicians are exposed to on a regular basis by over 90%. Our inspections reduce fire risk by identifying hot spots and other fire hazards that are not detected by manual electrical testing.

Who Uses Our Services?

We work globally with clients on their distributed portfolios with sites ranging in size from 10 kW to over 750 MW. Our typical customers include system owners, O&M providers, EPC contractors, insurance providers and independent engineers. We are able to service large portfolios of distributed rooftops as well as some of the largest ground-mount sites in the world.

Why Use Our Services?

Our aerial inspections replace electrical testing in O&M scopes, detecting DC issues with sub-module level accuracy and full site coverage in a consistent and scalable fashion. We detect faults that would not be found by traditional O&M procedures, while providing a payback on services through improved site energy generation and reduced on-site labor costs.

By providing 100% visibility into DC system capacity, our services optimize remediation of string and other DC capacity losses by improving efficiency and consistency. Our clients can quickly assess where remediation is most critical and optimize repair schedules. Their technicians can spend their time on site fixing problems rather than searching for them, and they know exactly what type of faults they are dealing with prior to stepping on site.


ROI for Our Services

We offer a clear return on your investment by replacing more expensive manual PM electrical measurements and by bringing energy-loss faults back online.

Our aerial inspections replace manual IR scans, I-V testing, current clamps and other manual testing techniques. We find that ground-based string testing finds only 22% of what we find through our aerial services. Our services optimize technician time on site so they spend it fixing known issues rather than searching for them.

On average, we find that 1.2% of DC energy of a given site is unavailable, even with data monitoring and/or regular preventative maintenance measures (such as IV scans), which directly impacts site revenue. Our services provide a payback by finding these phantom site losses and allowing for quick, effective remediation of critical faults. 

Ask us to share our ROI calculation tool with you.