What We Do


We have developed an aircraft-mounted sensor package and integrated artificial intelligence (AI) analytics package for the inspection of solar PV projects of all sizes.

Our services use a manned fixed-wing aircraft to collect multi-spectral imagery of a site. Our industry leading  analysis package accurately locates and classifies any potential defect on site from a library of over 570 unique fault categories, while allowing asset managers to focus immediately on the most critical and relevant defects. 

Our digital as-built map of the site indicates all fault locations and classifications, and is designed so technicians can easily identify what and where critical issues are on the site.

What We Detect

Our aerial inspection services can identify any defect in a PV system that is causing a significant difference in performance between a module and its neighbors. Our tools identify DC string faults, module faults, cell faults, and submodule faults across 100% of a solar site.

We compare potential DC faults in a system against our extensive fault library of over 570 unique fault modes. We commonly identify major anomalies like string, combiner and module outages to more subtle defects like individual hot-spots, PID, module mismatch and MPPT errors. In addition, our visible imagery is critical for the detection of module breakage, dirt and fouling of modules, racking shifts and other visible anomalies.



In our first project together, Heliolytics provided actionable information of the array not easily obtained elsewhere, if at all, and enabled me to quickly and effectively assist my client to remediate several critical issues.
— Hugh Kuhn, Solar Advisory Services

We provide module-level system health information from aerial inspections to uncover hidden energy losses and optimize solar asset energy yield. 

Our Services 

From innovative technologies to proven sector experience, our experienced Heliolytics team will ensure maximum revenue from a solar asset.  

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