Release Notes

A comprehensive repository of product release information and known software issues. 


Please visit our help documentation page www.heliolytics.com/portal-support or email support@heliolytics.com for any additional assistance. 


Known Issues

  1. Accepting and opening an invite to the Heliolytics portal could result in a blank page when opening from an organization-owned device (e.g. corporate issued laptop), however the page will load when using personal devices that are not on the organizations network (e.g. personal smart phone).  In order to resolve this your IT department will need to add .heliolytics.digital and .ops.solar to the organizations allow-list. Alternatively, should the IT department wish to reduce the scope they could simply add *.production.heliolytics.digital to the allow-list.
  2. Some email clients may block images within the Heliolytics Portal Invitation email which may prevent the user from accessing their invitation link. In order to resolve this, allow images in the client and add the domain @heliolytics.com to the safe senders list.
  3. There can be a noticeable lag between when the Map of Anomalies link is clicked and when the Map of Anomalies appears on Inspections.
  4. When navigating the map on the Sites page, certain map views may result in no Site results being returned even though sites appear within the map view. Search by site name or location to troubleshoot.
  5. Inspections from 2020 and earlier may not support the latest functionality of the portal. Older inspections may have limited functionality or only support downloading the inspection files. All new inspections in 2023 will have full portal support.
  6. If your workspace and sites have not yet been migrated, you will not be able to log in. Part of the migration includes adding the admin users. When your admins have been added, they will automatically be sent an invitation to joint the portal and confirm all active users.
  7. Sample images may not be available for all anomalies in older reports for the interactive map views. Sample imagery should be available in all 2022 reports.
  8. Diagnostic reports and the option to upgrade those reports through the portal may be delayed during the data migration process. If you have a diagnostic report that you would like to upgrade in the meantime, please reach out to sales@heliolytics.com directly. 

Release Notes

March 2023

Differential reporting is now fully digital in the Heliolytics Portal. Purchase differential reporting for your workspace to compare site level information year over year. For sites on which Heliolytics has performed analysis at least twice, Heliolytics Portal users will be able to toggle to a new view within the inspection which demonstrates the high level trends on a site from year to year such as change in power loss and performance benchmarks. They will also be able to, in a tabular and pivot view, and map view, compare anomalies that, in the second inspection, are no longer present, have remained unchanged, that have changed, or that are new. From this data, users should be able to understand whether issues are getting worse on site or whether issues that were supposed to be remediated have been. 

December 2022

Heliolytics is releasing a brand-new portal experience for customers. With major features including interactive maps with anomaly filters and pivot tables for data analysis with CSV exports, this release provides powerful new ways of interacting with your aerial inspection data. We have also developed a new user management tool so you can invite other users in your organization to view your inspections quickly and easily. This is the first release of the new platform and we’re looking forward to additional releases coming in early 2023. 

Data migration is starting from your most recent inspections and working backwards. All the files previously available in our older portals will be transferred over to your new account so that in 2023 you will no longer need to use the old portal. The old portal will not be disabled that this time. We will communicate the sunsetting process in early 2023. 

Until the old portal has been deprecated, all your inspections will be loaded into both the old and new systems to ensure you have access. 

You can access the new portal at app.heliolytics.com