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We're on a mission to enable a sustainable transition to clean energy. As the leader in our field, we know that our success relies on building (and growing) the right team. This is an exciting and pivotal time for the solar industry. Join us, and contribute to developing industry-leading solutions to maximize solar energy asset performance and reliability. 

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What We're Building

At Heliolytics, we’re building a suite of market-leading tools and services to enable our clients to maximize the energy they get out of their solar projects. Every marginal increase in efficiency is a huge win for our team, our client partners, and the environment.

To date, we have helped more than 40% of North American utility solar projects improve efficiency and performance. Our optimizations have resulted in increased energy production equivalent to approximately 600,000 metric tonnes, or 130,500 car-years, of CO2 reductions. Globally, we've serviced more than 150 GW of solar power projects, which is enough to meet the peak power demand of the continent of Australia three times over (~32 GW in 2021).

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Roughly 70% of global power still comes from non-renewable, polluting energy resources. As a climate-friendly and cost-effective energy solution, solar has the potential to drastically reduce our global CO2 emissions, helping to meet the World's climate obligations for a clean energy transition. 

Global market projections forecast installed solar energy generation capacities to reach 2 Terawatts by the end of 2025, under optimal conditions. This will require the deployment of approximately 5 billion solar panels. However, building solar projects and getting them up and running is only the beginning. Once sites are operational, many factors can interfere with performance.

What we know from the industry's largest energy validation study is that, on average, solar energy systems underperformed their initial estimates by 5-13% from 2011 to 2020 (kWh Analytics 2021 Solar Generation Index). This number may seem inconsequential but considering that an average 100 MW capacity solar project requires hundreds of thousands of panels and other components, this variance in expected versus actual performance can result in tens of millions of dollars in energy loss per year for solar asset owners. The impacts of this reality are industry-wide and jeopardize asset owners', equity investors', and financiers' long-term financial returns.

Aligning financial risk and reward with low-carbon energy investment is critical for shifting the economy in the direction of lower GHG emissions. Without substantial private sector investment in clean energy, it will be more difficult, more costly, and more time-consuming to address climate change on a global scale.

Our role is in helping to ensure solar energy projects are optimized to yield expected returns in a way that maximizes power output performance and reliability of components, modules, and arrays. 


De-Risking Solar tech

We leverage innovative tools and real-world data to help de-risk solar technology. Our goal is to ensure the industry can continue to deploy at the speed required to meet global targets for a renewable energy transition.

We specifically do this by analyzing, validating, and contextualizing system failures and potential risks in solar energy projects. Our approach combines aircraft-based aerial inspections, proprietary high-quality data capture instruments, advanced analytics, and industry metrics to provide insight into how systems are performing over time.

We work closely with our client partners to form a deep understanding of the overall health of their solar fleet and deliver comprehensive solutions and advisory services to optimize long-term performance and sustainability, which are at the forefront of renewables operations and maintenance.


Working at Heliolytics


Heliolytics is a mosaic of talented people with various interests and goals united by our mission to help build a sustainable transition to clean energy for all. 

As a remote-first organization, we work hard to optimize all of our systems and processes to operate remotely whenever possible; however, we do like to meet in person on occasion. Learn more about our remote-first plan here

We value employee life outside of work and provide many ways to accommodate and support our staff in achieving their personal goals (not just career goals). You'll find a few ways we enact this listed below:


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What to Expect When Applying


Our hiring process is grounded in respect and transparency. You'll be kept in the loop and we are happy to make the necessary accommodations for you to shine.

If our hiring team believes you are a good fit for one of our roles, we'll be in touch to schedule interviews. Don't worry - we try to keep things friendly and stress-free!


Intro Call: This is an opportunity to learn about Heliolytics and tell your story.

Team Interviews: For most roles, these consist of a mix of technical and behavioral questions so that we can learn more about your skills and experience.

Technical Challenge: Depending on the position, we may ask you to complete a technical challenge to assess your problem-solving approach. During the intro call, our Talent Team will indicate if this step is required for the position you are applying for.

References & Background Check: At the final stage, we'll ask you to provide a minimum of two professional references and complete a very quick background check (it takes less than one day).

Offer: If selected, we'll present you with an offer and give you time to review and ask questions.

You're In: Congratulations, you are officially part of our Heliolytics team! Our People & Organization Team takes it from here to ensure all the details are attended to. We can't wait to work with you!


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