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Aerial inspection services

Empowering actionable insights for portfolio optimization.

Four steps to fully capture your portfolio value.


Aerial inspections via aircraft or drone to provide  high quality and consistent data capture across a portfolio.


Condition based fault detection reduces operations costs, increases data capability, and reduces portfolio risk.



Industry leading analytics, powered by the worlds largest module fault data base and subject matter experts.


Actionable insights identify critical issues,  increase repair efficiency, and optimize warranty and insurance claims. 


Aircraft Aerial Inspections

Our preferred option, using our proprietary PV inspection technology to provide the highest quality and consistency of data capture, with inspection times up to 50x faster than drones. 


Drone Aerial Inspections

Our drone inspections provide the flexibility to use the tools you have, or use our pre-qualified vendors. Heliolytics provides flight parameters, flight training and advanced analytics, ensuring consistent inspections across a portfolio.

Aerial photo of solar panels on mall

Diagnostic Analysis

Reduce DC operations costs by over 60% while achieving the highest level of data capability and insight on a portfolio. 

Heliolytics has pioneered the condition based workflow for aerial inspections. Starting with a consistent, high quality data collection, our diagnostic reports flag the impact of DC faults on system production before detailed analysis. This enables an informed decision on the level of analysis needed after data capture.

Never make a compromise between cost and acquisition quality, and maintain a consistent data record throughout the lifetime of the project.

Solar analytics using diagnostic tools

Advanced Analytics

We combine the world’s largest module fault database with our in-house expertise to provide unparalleled accuracy and depth of insight. Everything we do is with an eye to producing actionable insights from complex data.

Our classification system uses validated field information to assign an energy loss and electrical location to each identified fault, enabling accurate, bottom up financial impact models. 

Leveraging our integrated consulting teams, we participate in and track the latest industry research related to module reliability. We are continuously improving and adapting our analytics to new technology and reliability discoveries, ensuring that our analysis evolves as rapidly as the solar industry. 

Aerial thermography with drones and aircraft sample image

Actionable Insights

Our reporting is designed to drive actions and increase system yield through:

  • Intelligent fault prioritization, validated through millions of modules and customer feedback
  • Direct integrations into site Case Management Systems
  • Validated use in module warranty claims
  • Validated use in insurance claims
  • Integrated consulting services to provide guidance on complex issues 


Actionable insights with AI and digital twin technology

Your Global Service Partner

Heliolytics provides full global coverage, ensuring consistent, high quality operations across portfolios. We operate our preferred aircraft services in an expanding set of countries, and provide drone services globally. 

Screenshot 2021-01-13 090925 Aircraft and drone inspections  Regions where only drone inspections are currently available Drone inspections

Global aerial drone and aircraft thermography map



In our first project together, Heliolytics provided actionable information of the array not easily obtained elsewhere, if at all, and enabled me to quickly and effectively assist my client to remediate several critical issues.
Hugh Kuhn
Principal, Solar Advisory Services

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