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                                      Our mission is to be the most trusted source of actionable insights for our renewable energy partners.


                                      Our story


                                      Heliolytics began in 2014 in response to a challenge faced by many solar providers: the data coming from photovoltaic (PV) systems was not accurate enough to find issues in the array, leading to shortfalls in the benefits of using solar energy. 

                                      We took a pragmatic and experimental approach to the problem. Our first prototype was an IR camera attached to a window washing pole on a pickup truck. Years later, we have developed the most advanced inspection tools and integrated analytics package for PV portfolios. Each innovation has come from working with our customers, whom we consider close partners and allies in making breakthroughs and achieving our vision: applied curiosity to empower a net-zero carbon society.

                                      We strive to be the most trusted source of actionable insights enabling the sustainability of our renewable energy partners by collecting and curating data, creating clarity from complexity, and expanding the frontiers of knowledge. 


                                      Our People


                                      Meet our executive team and some of our talented, client-facing team members!



                                      Rob Andrews



                                      Michael Yan



                                      Scott Innes



                                      Thomas Amsüss

                                      Business Development Manager


                                      Kevin Monsour

                                      Business Development Manager


                                      Chantelle Gubert

                                      Account Management Specialist


                                      Sam Brockmeyer

                                      Operations Manager


                                      Kylie McDonnell-Wade

                                      Reporting and Client Success Manager


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                                      We’ve got ambitious goals, and we’re looking for passionate and purpose-driven people to help us knock them out of the park.


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